PyCon 2006 Kickoff Meeting

PyCon 2005
March 23, 2005

A.M. Kuchling
amk @

PyCon Attendance

2004364 reg'd,
340 present
2005430 reg'd

Feedback from '04

Mix of talks is good.

Keynotes should be relevant to Python.

Attendees price-sensitive; need to keep hotel cost down.

(See for notes.)

Vision for PyCon 2006

Feedback: More tutorials

Most common request: more tutorials!

Idea: have a tutorial-only track

Idea: Teenager track

Suggested by one attendee

One-day, low-cost track of talks for students

Speakers would be invited.

Probably on the Friday.

Volunteer Positions I

(See for this list.)

Volunteer Positions II

Where next?

pycon-organizers mailing list

To volunteer, record your name on the wiki.

To-do list: ConventionHowto wiki page.